We can introduce you to scuba diving from our house reef in a safe and calm environment. For more experienced divers we can do boat tours of Anda’s other popular dive sites.

Opened in 2017, our PADI instructors can provide courses from zero to hero. 

Our instructors speaks English, French, and Spanish.

Bubble maker program (Ages 8-10)

Dive into the underwater world with our Bubblemaker Program! For young adventurers aged 8-9, in a safe and controlled environment, kids embark on an underwater journey to discovering the magic of breathing underwater mastering basic scuba skills and have some real fun!

Our experienced instructors ensure a joyful and educational experience. Unleash the bubbling enthusiasm in your young ones with this exciting aquatic adventure!

2 hours
2500 PHP

Discovery Scuba Dive

Come and try our 3 hours program for first time divers without any certification.

We will teach you to breathe underwater and dive down to 12 meters max. After a short briefing we will take you to do some basic skills in shallow confined water. Once done there we swim straight out to see turtles, fish, and nice corals.

3 hours
3600 php / boat : 4000 php

Open Water Course

The PADI Open Water certification is 4 dives training and 5 sessions of confined water to learn skills to make you confident for the dive. You will also learn some theoric skills, such as alternative air source supply, CESA : control emergency swimming ascent and you will also learn how to navigate with a compass.You need to know how to swim 200m and float at the surface for 10min.

It is valid your whole life, can be used worldwide, and certifies you to go down to 18 meters max.  

You can even start the theory study before you arrive with E-Learning from home, or while relaxing on the beach. 

3 days
Shore : 21500 php / Boat : 23500 php

Advanced Open Water

This is the next level, where you can become certified to dive 30 meters max. This is a 2 day course offering 5 new skills, mandatory deep dive and navigation, then you can choose from between more adventures dives, such as night dive, fish identification, drift dive, boat dive, PPB : peak performance buoyancy, search and recovery…

You also have some knowledge review to validate online on the e-learning platform.

A dive computer is provided for this course for extra safety and you will practice to inflate SMB (surface marker buoy) at the end of the dive.

2 days
Shore : 17500 php / Boat : 19500 php

Rescue Diver

This level brings you to another step, you will learn to care more about the other divers and your environment. You will gain extra safety skills during your dives, like emergency oxygen delivery systems, accident management, missing diver procedures, inwater rescue breathing techniques,…

You have classes with your instructor to practice the skills, and you also have some knowledge review to validate online on the e-learning platform.

This is a 5 days course and it allows you to reach the highest level of recreational scuba diver.

5 days
22500 php

Dive Master

At the end of this course as divemaster training PADI, you will become a professional diver and can be employed in the dive industry. 

You will follow different courses as an assistant. You will practice to guide some dives under supervision, create your own map of one dive site, do some briefings, practice search and recovery and make a deep dive down to 40 meters.
You will also have some physical tests, like swimming, floating…

You will need to validate some theorical skills on the e-learning platform of PADI. All the final exams will be certified by your instructor.

You will learn all about the organisation of a dive shop and will be involved more into the dive industry.

This program is up to 1 month long including unlimited dives.

1 month minimum
65000 php

Fun Diver

You will dive to explore 15 km of reef with professional guides. You will enjoy wall dive, sand slopes, cavities and more…
You can spot plenty of turtles, nudibranchs, reef fishes, banded sea snakes, mandarin fish, moray eels and you can also spot eagle rays and whalesharks. If you love macro life, you can enjoy tons of macro species.

During night dive, you can spot different octopuses, cuttlefishes, crabs, tons of shrimps and the spanish dancer.

Our house reef is 10min swimming from the shore and the farthest dive site is 15min by boat.

Shore : 1800 php / Boat : 2300 php / Night : 2200 php / Boat Nigh : 2700 php

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Located in the peaceful town of Anda, Bohol, surrounded by beautiful nature, 1Peace Beach Resort has beach front accommodations.

We have family rooms, doubles rooms, and dormitory type room.

Our chef offers fresh food from the local market with herbs and veggies from our own farm.

You can enjoy delicious cocktails or cold beers while watching the sea or the sunset.

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