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Our area of the Philippines is known as the Gold Triangle or Coral Triangle due to the vast marine biodiversity. Bohol is in the middle of the Visayas region where commercial and dynamite fishing are strictly prohibited. You can easily find dolphins on the surface on boat rides, whale sharks during dives, and tons of turtles everywhere from the drop off 100 meters from the shore.

Our reef is full of coral, as treesoft coral with often candy crabs inside, gorgonian fan corals with pygmy seahorses for good spotters, and at sunset you can observe the beautiful mandarin fish off our hard coral shelf. From the beach to the reef you can find all kinds of macrolife such as nudibranch, mantis shrimp, scorpion fish, sea kraits, and many tropical reef fish. Also we have the less common ghost pipefish, frog fish, sea moth, and blue ring octopus.

On the wall there are some overhangs where you can spot some banana nudibranchs, big fishes hiding as trevally, fusiller and sleeping turtles. Then on sandy slope, there are harlequin snake eels, blue spotted stingray, flying gurnard, and flamboyant cuddlefish. Also remember to turn your eyes on the blue as you never know what can pass by. Larger life includes eagle rays, great barracuda, giant tuna, giant trevally (jackfish), and the elusive whale sharks. Sand plateaus contain seahorses, sea hare, melibes, and a wide variety of aquatic life that you’ve never viewed before.

Our maxium depth is 40 meters for those with the deep dive specialty course up to 1 hour dive depending on air consumption. We do not offer nitrox tanks yet though we fill our aluminum tanks on site with a clean and well maintained compressor.

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